Employment Tribunals

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly in their place of work. However, sometimes conflicts between employer and employer arise. This is where Ian Shemesh can be of service.
In Ontario, the Employment Standards Act delineates the minimum standards with which both employers and employees must comply. It provides protection for employees in areas such as minimum wage, hours of work, overtime work, public holidays, vacation and vacation pay, maternity and parental leave and other leaves of absence, as well as live-in caregivers.

Employers are expected to treat their employees fairly, without harassment and only dismiss an employee for just cause. If an employer does not obey this Act, a complaint can be made with the Ministry of Labour, which enforces the Employment Standards Act and investigates complaints, or with one of the employment tribunals. Having a paralegal to assist you at this step can not only prove invaluable as an employee, but also as an employer to help you avoid paying the possible penalties ordered by the Ministry of Labour.

Experienced Ontario Paralegals to Represent You in employment standards disputes in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
If you have been harassed at work, have a problem with your union, have been wrongfully dismissed or possess an employment standards matter, or if you have been terminated, Mr. Shemesh can help you know your rights and responsibilities. I can help you organize your employment or labour related complaint with the Ministry of Labour Employment Standards Branch and represent you before all employment standards tribunals, including the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. I can also assist with mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

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