Highway Traffic Act Offences

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If you are a driver of a vehicle, at some point or another, you will probably experience receiving a ticket for speeding or for some other traffic infraction. In Ontario, the Highway Traffic Act is the law that governs all traffic offences, including permits, licensing and speeding. Ian Shemesh is a paralegal experienced in traffic offences of all kinds, including tickets for speeding, careless driving, failure to stop at a red light or stop sign, driving while under suspension and insurance violations.

Toronto Traffic Ticket Paralegal / Legal Advice / Legal Help for Traffic Tickets. Speeding ticket? Let’s fight it! Fail to stop.Fight traffic tickets! Paralegals in Toronto specializing in traffic tickets and legal representation and advice for court.

You may be tempted just to pay your fine and not fight your ticket. However, there are many repercussions involved in an uncontested ticket, including loss of demerit points and effects on your car insurance. If you believe that the prosecutor is in the wrong and that you did not commit any infraction, it is often in your best interest to contest your ticket. Your chances of success are much higher if you employ a legal professional to help you. Mr. Shemesh possesses a winning track record of successfully contesting traffic tickets in court.

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Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Toronto

Demerit Points: Whenever you receive a ticket, there will be a fine and most likely demerit points accompanying that ticket. Depending on your ticket and the seriousness of the infraction and the accumulation of demerit points, you can have your driver’s license suspended.

Insurance: Having a traffic ticket can affect the amount of insurance you pay – unless you successfully contest it in court. Paying your traffic ticket is equivalent to pleading guilty to the offence. The offence ends up on your driver’s record, to which your insurance company has access. This can cause your insurance premium to increase.

Highway Traffic Act offences are heard in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Experienced Ontario Paralegals to Represent You in Traffic Offences in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
When you choose Shemesh Paralegal, I can represent you in court and help you fight your traffic or speeding ticket. I will research all options for defense, file for your court date, order and review police officer disclosures, and assess the evidence of potential witnesses, as well as meet and negotiate with the provincial prosecutor in an attempt to get your current charge or fine reduced or dismissed so you don’t have to worry about demerit points or insurance.

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