Human Rights Tribunals

Does your employer refuse to accommodate your handicap? Are you the victim of sexual harassment? Is there a landlord who refuses to rent to you because of your sexual orientation? If you are a victim of discrimination or harassment, Shemesh Paralegal can help you fight for your rights.

Human rights, discrimination and harassment claims are typically brought under the Ontario Human Rights Code to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO). The HRTO has a mandate to resolve claims of discrimination and harassment in a way that is accessible, fair, just and expeditious.

The Ontario Human Rights Code is a law that protects people in Ontario from discrimination, harassment and unequal treatment in five areas:
• Employment;
• Housing;
• Goods, services and facilities;
• Contracts and;
• Membership in trade and vocational associations

The Code prohibits discrimination and harassment on any of the following grounds:

• Race
• Colour
• Ancestry
• Place of origin
• Citizenship
• Ethnic origin
• Disability
• Creed
• Sex, including sexual harassment and pregnancy
• Sexual orientation
• Gender identity
• Gender expression
• Family status
• Marital status
• Age
• Receipt of public assistance (Note: applies only to claims about housing.)
• Record of offences (Note: applies only to claims about employment.)

Employers, landlords and service providers must accommodate (make alternate arrangements for) human rights related needs to the point of undue hardship to themselves.

Experienced Ontario Paralegals to Represent You in human rights disputes in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
If you have experienced harassment or discrimination, you will be required to bring a claim to the HRTO by filing a completed application form. After filing, the HRTO will invite you to mediate your issue, failing which, your matter will proceed to a hearing. Shemesh Paralegal can help you file your application or respond to a human rights application, represent you in the mediation process and create winning strategies for your hearing or case resolution conference.

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