Landlord and Tenant Tribunals

Sue a Landlord in Toronto / Sue or Evict a Tenant in Toronto

You’re a tenant. Your landlord frequently enters your apartment unannounced at all hours of the day, the rent has increased exponentially and you’re angry. Shemesh Paralegal Services can help you!

You’re a landlord. Your tenant consistently pays the rent late, disturbs other tenants and has damaged the premises. Shemesh Paralegal Services can help you too!

In Ontario, the statute that governs the relationship between landlords and tenants and issues arising from this relationship is the Residential Tenancies Act. The Residential Tenancies Act created the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal, which hears and resolves disputes between landlords and tenants and enforces the Act.

Toronto Sue a landlord

The most common types of disputes heard include complaints arising from:

• Landlord Rights and Responsibilities
• Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
• Leases and Tenancy Agreements
• Maintenance and Repairs
• Entering the Rental Unit
• Rent Increases and Payment
• Ending a Tenancy
• Eviction

At the Landlord and Tenant Board Tribunal, tenants and landlords can choose to either have their disputes resolved through mediation or go forward with adjudication by way of a hearing. In either situation, it is often to your benefit to have legal assistance. Shemesh Paralegal can help you, as a tenant or landlord, to advocate for your rights in both mediation and hearings.

Experienced Ontario Paralegals to Represent You in landlord-tenant disputes in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
Ian Shemesh has extensive experience representing clients in Landlord and Tenant Tribunal hearings. I can represent tenants or landlords in tenant applications, as well as help landlords with rental applications, leases, and evictions.

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