Summary Criminal Offences

You’ve heard it before: “You are innocent until proven guilty.” However, if you are charged with a criminal offence in Ontario, you need to prove your innocence. Shemesh Paralegal can help you with your summary criminal offences.

Summary criminal offences or summary conviction offences are offences that are discharged summarily or expeditiously, which means that the accused has no choice of court and does not have a right to a trial by jury. Although these offences are less serious than indictable offences, and thus carry a shorter prison sentence or lesser consequence, the accused must be charged within six months of committing the offence and the matter will proceed to court.

Highway Traffic Act

Experienced Ontario Paralegals to Represent You in summary offences in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
When you choose Shemesh Paralegal, Mr. Shemesh can effectively represent your matter in provincial court or Superior Court. I can also create winning strategies for you and file your appeal if you choose to appeal your summary conviction. Moreover, I share my office with a Criminal Law Firm and have lawyers on hand who can handle any criminal matter.

Such Matters as:

Assisting a deserter Section 54 & 56
Engaging in a prize fight Section 83
Possession of a weapon in public Section 89
Impersonating a peace officer Section 130
Advising reward/immunity Section 143
Disorderly conduct Section 173
Indecent acts, public or private Section 173
Public exposure Section 173 (2)
Public nudity Section 174
Causing disturbance, indecent exhibition, loitering, etc. Section 175
Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings Section 176 (2)
Trespassing at night Section 177
Offensive volatile substance Section 178
Vagrancy Section 179
Keeping a gaming or betting house Section 201
Being found at or being a landlord or tenant of a common bawdy-house Section 210
Being found at or being a landlord or tenant of a common bawdy-house Section 210
Transporting a person to a bawdy-house Section 211
Procuring or soliciting prostitution (accused stopping vehicles or pedestrians) Section 213
Unauthorized use of a bodily substance Section 258.1
Theft valued under $5,000 Section 322 & 334
Taking a motor vehicle or vessel or found therein without consent Section 335
Fraudulently obtaining food, beverage or accommodation Section 364
Pretending to practice witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration, undertaking to tell fortunes Section 365
Indecent telephone calls Section 372 (2)
Harassing telephone calls Section 372 (3)
Fraudulently obtaining transportation Section 393 (3)
Falsifying employment record (punching time clock etc.) Section 398
Obtaining carriage by false billing Section 401
Impersonation at examination Section 404
Falsely claiming royal warrant Section 413
Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates Section 419
Interfering with the saving of a wrecked vessel Section 438 (2)
Issuing trade stamps Section 427 (1)
Giving trade stamps to a purchaser of goods Section 427 (2)
Interfering with a marine signal Section 439
Interfering with boundary lines Section 442
Manufacture or possession of slugs and tokens Section 454
Defacing current coins Section 456
Refusal to employ for reason of membership in union Section 425
Manufacture, promotion, sale of likeness of currency (counterfeiting) Section 457
Corrupting Morals Section 163 & 169
Tied Sale Section 165 & 169
Immoral theatrical performance Section 167 & 169
Mailing obscene matter Section 168 & 169

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