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The Small Claims Court is a division of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario, Canada. Individuals and businesses with financial disputes that total less than $25,000 are allowed to pursue justice in Small Claims Court. If your claim is over $25,000, however, you can still choose to handle your dispute in Small Claims Court by choosing to only collect up to $25,000 of the amount owed to you.

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There are numerous reasons why settling your dispute in Small Claims Court is beneficial, including:
• Small Claims Court procedures are simpler
• Small Claims Court fees are lower
• Claims resolution process is faster
• Paralegals can represent you to reduce legal expenses

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Common Types of Small Claims
Mr. Shemesh has extensive experience handling small claim disputes for plaintiffs and defendants, as well as businesses. The most common types of small claims disputes we handle include

  • Unpaid invoice/ collection through Small Claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraudulent bank account activity
  • Contractor Negligence
  • Commercial and residential tenancies
  • Debtor Examinations
  • Repairs and Storage Act Enforcement

Process of Small Claims Court in Ontario
When you choose Mr. Shemesh I can assist you through every phase of the small claims process. I can ensure that all paperwork is completed and turned in on time, and I can represent you in court on the day of your trial. In general, all small claims court disputes will proceed through the following process:

  • Pleadings: Shemesh can help you determine who you are suing for money or return of property, and file the necessary paperwork to begin your claim. I will review, analyze, and discuss all small claims documents with you, including where you will file and who is named in the claim. Once you have served the defendant with the paperwork, it is important to know that he or she only has 20 days to file a defence.


  • Settlement Conference: within a few months of the pleading, you will be required to attend a settlement conference. This is a mandatory and informal meeting between both you and the defendant. A small claims court judge will be present, as well as your paralegals. During this meeting, Mr. Shemesh will negotiate on your behalf to help reach a settlement that is in your best interest. If no settlement can be reached, your claim may proceed to trial.


  • Trial: Your trial should be scheduled for 6-8 months after the settlement conference. During the trial, we will present all evidence necessary to support your case. If there are witnesses testifying on your behalf, our paralegals will prepare questions to ask you and your witnesses, as well as cross-examine any witnesses that the defendant calls to the stand.

Small Claims Court can be complicated and intimidating—especially if you have never been through the legal process before. That’s why I am here to help—every step of the way. From the initial pleadings to trial, we can help you fight for what is rightfully yours.

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